March 15, 2022

What is the Right Crane to Lift My Pick?

Crane and rigging services in New York City can assist you with a variety of issues, and one of the first things you may need help with is finding the right sized crane. It’s important to enlist professionals to deliver sound advice and industry intel as many straight-forward questions are actually quite complicated. For example, if you’re lifting a 49-ton load, a 50-ton crane may not do the trick. What seems like an obvious inference is not always the case when it comes to crane and rigging services.

NYC Cranes 101: What Matters More Than Weight

While the pick’s weight is something that needs to be considered, there are other critical elements that need to be examined. Fundamental factors to be mulled over include how high the pick will need to be lifted, the location, and the distance between the pick and the crane.

The Role of The Transit Authority’s Regulations

The Transit Authority imposes limitations on where cranes can be utilized within Metropolitan New York’s city limits. These regulations can ultimately impact crane selection as the agency places its stipulations. If a crane is unable to be placed in the ideal spot for the lift, a larger crane may be needed to lift the pick from a greater distance. In order to compensate for this kind of issue, cranes must be of adequate height and capacity to lift picks efficiently over any obstacle.

New York City Transport Costs

L&M Crane and Rigging services can help its customers with tackling logistical challenges like transporting the crane to and from the pick site. New York City often complicates tasks even more than usual, and having a team of experts who can navigate one-way streets, constant road work, and traffic rules, streamlines the transfer process in a busy city. It’s necessary to keep your project’s budget in mind as crane transport costs will come into play and possibly influence your decision for choosing one pick over another.

A One-Stop Service Shop

L&M Crane aims to offer a streamlined business model that is accessible from start to finish. Not only will the team help you select the right size crane for your pick, but we will offer the expertise of qualified, licensed operators and, master riggers to make sure you’re working with the right point person for the job. Personnel will handle sometimes frustrating tasks like solidifying necessary drawings and permits, doing so in a timely and reliable manner. L&M Crane is renowned for keeping the projects we take on well within budget and commits to the agreed upon timelines. If you’re from the New York City area, our team would be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to your call and are confident we can deliver the help you need. Please contact us at (516) 546- 3725.

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