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We have a large indoor storage facility and outside yard, enabling us to receive and offer storage of your air-conditioning units and/or equipment.

Crane Services

L&M Crane offers crane services for any type of job, large or small, in Long Island, the Five Boroughs, the greater New York Area, and New Jersey. From small boom trucks, to 600-ton cranes, we offer a wide variety of options for all of your crane and rigging needs. In addition to the equipment, L&M Crane provides you with everything needed to complete a job, from start to finish. We analyze the project, determine which crane is best-suited for it, secure the necessary permits and drawings, provide all the signage, and more. A trained crew and operator will also be assigned to the job to complete the rigging services. They work efficiently, effectively, and with high attention to detail to ensure that the work is done properly and safely.

Cell Site Installation

L&M Crane and Rigging has been providing lifting services in New York for more than 20 years. We’ve been involved with thousands of cell site installations throughout Long Island, the 5 boroughs, the greater NY area and NJ, and are ready to help with the 5G upgrade. This includes such necessary tasks as extending the steel to accommodate new equipment and/or generators that serve as backup power supplies.

Our crew has extensive experience with all tasks related to cell site installation, including lifting cabinets and/or lifting personnel up to height as needed.

Our boom trucks are equipped with fixed man baskets reaching over 200 feet – the highest available in the industry!

New York and New Jersey are challenging environments to erect cell sites, due to the numerous local regulations that impact every aspect of the job. L&M Crane & Rigging has 20+ years’ experience understanding and complying with all of the rules and safety requirements, which means you can trust that the job is being done properly, without any costly stop work orders or fines.

L&M Crane & Rigging serves Long Island, the 5 boroughs, the greater NY area and NJ. We’re known for our prompt and professional service as well as competitive pricing that saves you money.
Inquire about our cell site services today!

Crane Rental

L&M Crane is perfect for short-term rentals; something that other companies tend to steer away from. We do, however, offer longer-term crane rentals and rigging services if needed. Here at L&M Crane, we are versatile in our work. We can lift anything from HVAC equipment, to solar panels, to granite countertops, to hot tubs.

Hanging and fixed Man Basket attachments for our cranes are also available when the job calls for them. Our Man Baskets are tested and certified, and are ideal for jobs that require personnel to access hard-to-reach areas such as light poles or telecommunications equipment. We offer the highest tip height for a fixed man basket in the industry.

For smaller-scale jobs, we offer Knuckle Boom trucks and Boom Trucks, depending on the scope of work for your project. We can also provide you with all terrain cranes ranging from 65-600 tons, with boom and jib lengths to fit all your needs. Specialty equipment, such as Knuckle Booms and Gantry cranes, are available when necessary as well.

What We Lift

The L&M Crane team has special expertise in rigging services for the HVAC & wireless industries, but we lift “anything”, including:

  • HVAC Equipment
  • Modular Homes
  • Elevator Equipment
  • Generators
  • Roofing Material
  • Backhoes, Bobcats, Forklifts, etc.
  • Cell-Site Equipment
  • Building Material
  • Hot Tubs, Pools & Household Equipment
  • Cell-Site Shelters
  • Landscape Material
  • Or Anything Else You May Need!
  • Steel
  • Solar Panels


If you need storage space to keep your equipment safe and secure, we’ve got you covered on that as well. We provide our clients with indoor and outdoor storage options for short and long-term projects, so that all your equipment is safely secured and ready to go when your project begins.

Companies we’ve worked with

Safety is our top priority. All of our crane operators are licensed in NYC, NYS, & NJ. In addition, they are also OSHA, NCCCO, Bechtel and Jacobs certified and follow the best practices to ensure safe operation at all times.

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