May 15, 2022

Expand Your Project Profitability by Avoiding DOB Stop Work Orders

Few people get involved in NYC construction projects just for their amusement. The purpose for builders and property owners alike is to profit from the project. To do this, it’s essential to avoid unnecessary expenses, such as DOB Stop Work Orders.

What is a Stop Work Order?

All construction projects in NYC are under the authority of the Department of Buildings. The DOB keeps the public safe. Due to various crane accidents over the years, they have made crane safety a top priority.

A DOB inspector can issue a Stop Work Order if any aspect of the crane and rigging work doesn’t comply with regulations. A Stop Work Order mandates that all activity on a build stops until the problem has been resolved. This process can take days or even weeks. Downtime is the most expensive part of any construction project, so this can be detrimental. Generally, you may receive fines. Consequently, this will cost you even more money.

Similarly, the DOB issues Stop Work Orders because of equipment, documentation, or personnel problems. Something as simple as not having a crane inspection completed by a specific date can be enough to shut a job site down. Adequate staffing is one area DOB inspectors pay attention to. In addition to having a properly licensed crane operator, the lift requires a master rigger and lift supervisor. Also, other required personnel include signalmen and pedestrian managers.

How to efficiently avoid Stop Work Orders?

Choose a crane and rigging service with an established history of working effectively in New York City. Avoid problems by choosing a company that has experience with the DOB and recognizes what their inspectors want. This helps keep your project on time, eradicates expensive DOB fines, and enhances project profitability.

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