January 15, 2022

Are you Aware of the DOB’s Crane Location Registration Rules?

To complete your construction projects on time and budget in NYC, it is crucial to ensure your compliance with DOB rules and regulations, especially regarding your crane locations. The DOB has rules to include crane location registration. In short, here’s what you need to know:

  • Crane companies working in the 5 boroughs must make the city aware of:
  • Where the cranes will be located.
  • How long the crane will be on site.
  • What the cranes will be doing on site.

Functional cranes need to receive annual inspection and be able to provide proof of inspection on-site.

  • A DOB inspector for the city is free to check at any time to make sure that the crane location information submitted matches with everything happening on the job site. Equally important, this system can check that a crane on location has proper documentation as well. In short, if everything is not as it should be, the DOB inspector can issue a Stop Work Order, which will delay your project and can result in expensive fines.

Crane and Rigging Expertise New York City can Trust

When it comes to choosing a crane and rigging company in NYC , its important to find a company that’s familiar with all DOB regulations in order to keep your project free from unnecessary delays and expenses. The DOB does not go out of its way to make sure all crane companies are aware of regulation changes. They consider it the duty of the crane companies to proactively inform themselves of what the rules are and comply. With this in mind, a company caught off guard makes expensive mistakes. That’s why the L&M Crane and Rigging team makes a point of staying fully informed of all current DOB and TA rules and regulations.

At L&M Crane, we ensure the following:

  • Accurate updates of crane registration location.
  • Appropriately licensed and certified personnel.
  • All annual inspection paperwork is displayed properly.
  • The jobs we’re contracted for have necessary permits and insurances in place.

This attention to detail allows our clients to enjoy an extra level of peace of mind. Experience the difference experience makes.

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